The Top 10 Electronics in 2019: A Comprehensive List

best electronics of 2019

It is always useful to have a list at hand to help you choose an electronic gadget.

Whether you are looking for a gadget for your home or one to aid you in your work, you will always look up to the newest models that are launched in the market.

A handy list will help you cruise through the various categories of electronic gadgets, and enlighten you about the new versions and their features.

Many times, we also look for replacing the existing electronics that we possess. Gadgets tend to wear out after some time of using them, the reason we look to buying newer ones.

It could be as small as a mobile phone, or as big as a home theatre, we tend to keep upgrading them to newer and updated models. Newer releases come with improvements and additional features, which give them an edge over the older ones.

This post gives you a glimpse of some of the newest electronic devices launched in 2019 in the basic and most useful categories.

Best Electronics of 2019

Best Laptop

best laptop

1. Dell XPS 13

The flagship laptop from Dell has some of the best features you could ask for.

It has a centered IR webcam, a gorgeous optional 4K display, and an added beautiful color option – the Rose Gold on Alpine White.

It is slimmer than its predecessors (which were aces among their contemporaries in their own rights), an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and the stunning bezel-less “Infinity Edge” display.

It is also extremely lightweight, but all of these features come with a price tag.

2. Huawei MateBook X Pro

Apart from its gorgeous design, the Huawei MateBook X Pro has quite a few other promising features. It has a stunning 3:2 sRGB display, and is equipped with Intel Core i7 processor.

It is extremely lightweight and compact, has an above par battery life, and smooth and solid performance. This upgraded version of the Huawei MateBook also has a great sound system.

However, it has an awkwardly placed webcam that could put off a few viable buyers.

Best Television

best television

Television is perhaps one of the oldest electronic devices and has seen a massive upgrade over the years.

Let’s take a look at which TV model you could choose to settle for among the latest launches.

3. The LG C8 Series

This series comes equipped with the most innovative technology in the television industry till date – the OLED technology.

Priced a mark higher than the cheaper OLED series from LG, the B8, the C8 series is still the best OLED TV you could get at a reasonable price.

It uses the Alpha 9 intelligent processor and displays a high-contrast and advanced image processing that has seldom been seen on any other television model.

4. The TCL 6 Series

If you are looking for a brilliant viewing experience but at a cheaper price, you will love the TCL 6 series. The TV comes with impressive HDR specs and 4K resolution.

It is also extremely sturdy and has the Roku operating system. The best part of this series is perhaps its affordability.

With a display and picture quality that rivals those of televisions twice the price, this TV is perhaps the best pick for those looking to lay their hands on a mid-range TV for their home.

Best Game Console

best game console

5. Sony PS4 Pro

This PlayStation from Sony has an edge over the current Microsoft Xboxes. This is mainly due to an excellent combination of great hardware, amazing games and a wide range of online offerings.

The PS4 Pro provides a 2160p, HDR gaming in a wonderful plug-and-play manner. It boasts of the first 4K HDR Sony console and a massive 1TB hard drive.

You can now experience a better and crisper gaming experience with the Pro’s smoother frame rate. The price of this one is a justified one.

Best Earphones

best earphones

6. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Deemed perfect for travelers, the QuietComfort 35 II has an excellent noise-canceling, above par wireless Bluetooth sound, and an utterly comfortable design.

The upgrade over its predecessor, the QuietComfort 35, is the addition of a dedicated Google Assistant button in QuietComfort 35 II. It can provide a battery life of up to 20 hours on a single charge and does not cause any discomfort even on long hours of wearing it.

The only thing which might hold you back from getting is its price, but that’s no surprise with a Bose headphone.

7. Apple AirPods

The best part about these iconic white earbuds is their simplicity. It is utterly simple to connect them to Apple devices, and have a sophisticated look and feel.

The sound quality too is a notch higher than their wired counterparts. The AirPods are definitely a great choice for wireless earbuds.

Best Camera

8. Panasonic Lumix LX 10

This is an amazing option for a point-and-shoot camera, and perfectly serves the needs of those who love photography but do not want to tag along with a hefty DSLR.

It has a wonderful rear-tilting touchscreen LCD, giving it a premium feel. It captures brilliant pictures and amazing 4K videos.

It also takes great low-light pictures and provides image stabilization as well.

Best Smartphone

best smartphone

9. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung’s flagship smartphone has several feature upgrades from its predecessor, the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 Plus has a dual rear camera, and a 6.2-inch curved screen.

The camera quality is excellent and it takes decent pictures even in low light conditions. A better-placed fingerprint sensor is the improvement everyone has been looking forward to.

The phone is accompanied by a stylus.

Best Drone with Camera

best drone with camera

10. Potensic T25

Bearing a reasonable price tag of under $200, the Potensic T25 has all the features one could ask for, which includes a 1080p camera, praiseworthy stability, GPS and many others.

It is convenient to charge without removing the batteries, and has a variable speed drone too, all of which makes it a brilliant choice for a drone in the price range.