Best Wireless Routers for One Smart Home

best wireless router

Today the world runs on the internet whether one is working or just entertaining themselves.

Everything and anything can be found on the internet, therefore, having a high-speed internet connection is a necessity these days, almost like a bare necessity as many people cannot live without it even for a day.

A fast and non-interrupting internet connection is possible only when one choose the best wireless router for one’s home and office. Having a great and fast internet connection from one’s internet provider is not enough if one does not have a good router.

Some of the things that makes a wireless router a good wireless router is like the quality of service, MU-MIMO, the speed of approximately AC1900, etc.

Some of the best wireless routers in the market to choose from are:

Samsung connect home

It is one of the most trusted wireless routers for smart homes with smart hubs. They avoid unnecessary cluttering and also it will have no problem with being connected to many devices.

This router is also in the affordable range thus budget will not be a problem with it.


  • AC1300 speed which can support 5GHz and 2.4GHz.
  • The connectivity is of 2x Gigabit Ethernet
  • MU-MIMO enabled
  • It supports tri-band Wi-Fi.

Asus RT-AC86U

Asus is known for its gaming standard devices and all their hardware is also in that same zone. This wireless router is also something that will stand out not only just in looks but also in performance.

The performance is so power packed and that too in a price range that is highly competitive, it is no doubt one of the best choices. The speed provided by this router is great and so is the coverage.


  • The LAN is of 5x Gigabit
  • The speed provided is of 1734 Mbps.
  • Connectivity provided is of one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0
  • It supports MU-MIMO
  • It provides adaptive quality of service for gamers in private network.
  • It also has an installed traffic analyzer.

Google WiFi

The name of Google is enough for many people, and without any doubt, they know how to deliver quality. same is with their wireless mesh routers which means no need for wireless extenders.

One can set it up easily by installing the points around the home and scan the code and activate the router. The overall set up and usage is easy and also it comes at a super affordable price which gives great value.


  • Speed provided is of 5GHz of 101.41 Mbps and 2.4 GHz of 47.53 Mbps.
  • Connectivity includes 2-gigabit ports for Ethernet per point of WiFi.
  • It comes with TX beamforming set up.
  • It also comes with Bluetooth smart ready setting.

These three above mentioned are the best wireless routers that one can reach out for. They are super useful and also affordable without any compromise in the speed, coverage, and connectivity.

These routers are jumped on the technology with the latest features and specifications that make them worth the money.